Go Solar Without
Paying Anything.

Free Solar

Did you know that 87% of Canadians support renewable energy adoption, but many simply can’t afford to make the investment. This demand drove us to offer the free solar program which quickly become Ontario’s most popular solar program!

Why Free Solar?

No Cost

Get a system installed on your roof for absolutely no cost! This is exclusively for people who qualify. You will also receive an incentive based on your roof’s qualifications. A qualified home can make $4,000-$16,000 over the course of the term!


We take care of the system

To make this process completely worry free, we offer full maintenance and repair of the system during the term. If you need to redo your shingles, we also offer a one time removal and reinstall. All of this at no cost to you!

Full Future Ownership

After the term, you get full ownership of the system! ($35,000 value). When you own the system, you can use all the electricity produced by the panels to offset or eliminate your hydro bill in the future!


How Do I Qualify?


Step 1

You must have minimum of 400 square feet of roof space on your home to pass our satellite evaluation.

Step 2

Your home must pass an on-site evaluation by our engineers. The engineers will check the roof and attic to make sure your roof hasn’t had any structural problems.

Step 3

Your local utility company must approve that your home can be connected to the grid. In certain cities, this connection is very limited and on a first come first serve basis, so it’s best to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

Questions about the Program?

“The average household electricity bill in the province has doubled over the past decade. In 15 years your Hydro Bill is expected to reach $200/month”

— CBC News